Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  What can I expect at my first appointment? 

  • Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete your paperwork. 

  • Your appointment with the therapist will last approximately one hour.  At the end of your appointment you will set up your next appointment.  

  • Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  

3.) What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

  • A rescheduled appointment is an appointment
     moved to another day or time within the same calendar week.  Our office does not charge for rescheduled appointments. 

  • A missed or cancelled appointment is an appointment you cancel or miss, and do not reschedule within the same calendar week.  

  • The first cancellation is at no cost.  

  • The second cancellation carries a $50.00 fee 

  • The third cancellation carries an $80.00 fee.  

  • Please try to reschedule.  

5.) Do you offer substance abuse counseling?

  • No, we do not

7.) Do you offer medication management?

  • No, we do not

9.) Do you offer early/late appointments?

  • Appointments before 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday carry an added fee of $20.00

  • Appointments after 7:00 PM Monday through Friday carry an added fee of $20.00

  • Appointments after 2:00 PM on Saturday carry an added fee of $20.00

2.) What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Please bring a government issued photo id card such as a driver's license, state ID card or passport.  

  • Your insurance card

  • A credit card to leave on file to cover cancellation fees or a check/cash for $80.00 to cover any fees.  If you do not use the cash or check you deposit with us, it will be returned.  This may not be used to cover appointments. 

4.) Can I use an HSA card?

  • An HSA card can be used to pay for appointments only. 

  • This may not be saved on file as your card for cancellation fees.  

6.) Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?

  • No, we do not

8.) Do you accept clients without insurance?

  • Yes, we do.  This is considered self pay. 

  • The rates are as follows

  • First visit $150.00

  • Continuing visits $140.00

1004 South Michigan Avenue

Suite 203

Howell, Michigan 48843

Office hours

Monday-Friday  9:00 AM-7:00 PM

Saturday            9:00 AM-2:00 PM

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