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DCCS is dedicated to providing compassionate quality care for persons suffering from mental illness and critical crisis events of daily living. Our core values are...  “Ethical Integrity, Accountability, Openness & Engagement, Financial Integrity, and Professional competence”. We strive to enhance the quality of life to the individuals and families that we meet by providing evidence and research based practices.

Kelly  is an accomplished professional. Masters degree in Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Deaf Culture. She received her diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2007. Kelly has worked within communities and families to develop and implement programs, teach, coach and advocate for persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness. She has worked for over 30 years in this field. She is a parent of an amazing disabled son. She is a DBT therapist and has developed an adapted DBT program for the ID population. She has presented at State of Michigan conferences on DBT and FASD. She provides advocacy work and is a Leader in Policy Advocacy through the ARC. She is a member in good standing through the NASW and a member of the ARC.

Kelly Shuler


President/Executive Director/Therapist


Mark is an accomplished professional with his Masters in Social Work. He has worked in communities and with families with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for over 30 years. He has developed and worked as a therapist for an adapted DBT informed program for persons with cognitive impairments. He has presented at several conferences on this topic and he is published as a co-author in a paper related to the program. He is an experienced individual, family and group therapist and an advocate providing meeting facilitation for persons with disabilities. His has been a member of the ARC of Dearborn for over 15 years serving in the following positions; President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Mark Mitchell



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As a therapist, Kylene understands that it can take time to develop a relationship and open up to a stranger about personal life and history.  Her goal is to work with each person to create a trusting relationship that allows each individual to be heard and respected. Kylene values looking at each client's individual and unique strengths to help them find creative strategies that best fit their needs and lifestyles so that they can be successful in both their short-term and long-term goals and plans. 


Kylene works with both teens and adults treating a variety of things such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and trauma. Kylene is a Limited Licensed Masters of Social Work and has worked in settings that include children and family, community mental health, and corrections facilities. Kylene has extensive experience in crisis work and utilizes CBT, DBT, and holistic approaches in her practice. She is looking forward to providing you with a safe and comfortable space through telehealth.

Kylene Frank

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